Bengal Queens

Clarkstone Willow

This queen in my opinion is Clarkstone’s finest. Having a brilliant pedigree with bengals such as I W SGC Millwood Ischiron of Dreamland, RW SGC Decospots Surefire of Sunnica’s , RW SGC Elitebengals Tapout, RW SGC Golden Magi Excaliber and my favorite for sure RW SGC Starbengal Rosetted Bandoleros…..What a pedigree !

Willow is our newest example of disciplined breeding’s with focusing on Gold Glitter, healthy strong lines , exotic blacked ringed rosettes, whitted tummy’s, and silky luxurious pelts. Best temperment of all of our queens. We have high hopes with this very special lady. You will be seeing her at the shows soon.

Clarkstone Leenda

Clarkstone Leenda was our first show quality cub produced here at our cattery. She has an excellent pedigree with Bengals such as IW SGC Junglebook Firechief of KCPride, RW SGC Rojon’s Maytag Girl, RW TGC Behari Jackpot Jules of Rojon, RW SGC Aspenglo Tanglefoot and QCH Gogee’s Dynamo Glow.

Leenda produce’s cubs with tons of gold glitter, dark ringed rosettes and silky plush pelts. Her offspring are doing great in the shows and winning constantly. We love her temperament and she is one of our sweetest queens. Top quality, healthy lines and wonderful color makes her stand out as a favorite.

Clarkstone Delight

This queen sits at the very top of our queen line up. She has it all.
With IW SGC lines, granddaughter of MILLWOOD ISCHIRON OF DREAMLAND. RW
This girl has the rich golden eye's, a pelt like shaved velvet and the sweetest Bengal that I have ever had.
Big, solid, whiten tummy and more......come see her for yourself........












Eden Ranch Joygirl Of Clarkstone

We thank Rai from the Eden ranch for this beauty. Those that know great bloodlines ,you'll find the very best in this queens pedigree. To name a few how aboutRW TGC BEHARI JACKPOT JULES , RW SGC DECOSPOTS SUREFIRE and RW QGCA


Aspengold Gone n Done It

This queen was photographed with a load on board…..She delivered a litter of seven two weeks after this picture was taken. We love her large emerald green eyes and her warm coloring. She has tons of gold glitter ,a heavy contrasting jungle type pattern and passes on nice thick ringed tails. Her parents , the sire RW SGC Albright Fleur De Caprio and the dam, RW SGC Joykatz Joy To The World…..She is a “JOY” to Clarkstone .




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