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Our litters are” SOLD OUT” fast. Our reputation of producing quality bengals is what drives our success and treating folk’s with respect, earning their trust and friendship the old fashion way….they say. We recommend getting on our “CUB RESERVE LIST” by putting a small deposit (min. $200) down early. We work on a first come first serve bases. Our prices, often discounted for many reasons, is what one does when they are building a business. Careful considerations are given on where our cubs go….we care about the lives of our cubs in the years to come…and stay connected long after the sale…..it’s more like an extended family. Our prices start at or around $750 and up for a cub without breeding rights……we’ll call this a pet Bengal. For a cub with the rights to breed it’s somewhat higher but, many breeders re-coupe their original investment with their first litter.

These cubs start at $ 1500 and up. All show quality stock is separately priced on a per cub evaluation, we only have a few of these each year. We have a separate” SHOW ” list. Clarkstone Bengals breeds the best lines in the world, our pedigree’s show this , ” We believe if you breed the very best- you will produce the very best ” you can rest assured that this breeding plan is well thought out. People know quality when they see it or are around it . This truly makes us a cattery to remember, don’t you agree?

We would like to take this time to invite you out for a visit. It’s very important that you see the cattery, where your baby was conceived and delivered. to see the parents of the cub and to see how they are cared for is also great concern. We believe that it is the first step in the process of adopting a bengal cub. You’ll find our facility like none other, putting our cats first with a building designed for them .We strive for excellence in all we do, and this illuminates our path of purrrfection . The clowder , are really pampered and always comfortable. Heaven’s sake……not all cattery’s are the same and all Bengals are not the same….it pay’s to see conditions these cats are raised in.




Some say ” you get what you pay for ” and ” we say that it is easier to sell an expensive cub with a fantastic and healthy pedigree than it is to sell a cheap cat with a poor pedigree”. It makes sense, right?

You will love watching the spots moving through your home, it’s like moving artwork, for years to come. By now the excitement should be growing …..it comes like a fever…..sort of an addiction some say, that turns into an obsession to learn more….researching….investigating this special breed. Then the commitment…..leaving a deposit , for one or two of your own…..and then taking possession of your cub or cubs. One won’t be enough….ask any bengal owner.

The bengal will improve your life. The feelings of change are positive and significantly, LIFE CHANGING. Our cattery tours are by APPOINTMENT ONLY . Calling in advance is suggested . We work well with a 24 hour notice. We’re friendly folks too ! Please take a minute and sign our guess book below.

Thank you for allowing Clarkstone Bengals an opportunity to share our love, our passion and our dreams.

Always Gratefully Yours , may God keep you strong…..
Dave Clark

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