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First of all I would like to thank " Queen Gene " for allowing us to have such a special boy. For those in the bengal business let me share some of the heavy hitters in Beau's pedigree. Beau's grandfather is the famous IW SGC ( means best bengal in the world ) INKOSI....and others as IW SGC MYNA LONE. Next we will go to the R W S G C 'S ( best bengal in a region ) JUMANGI, WARPAINT AND DeCAPRIO.

Beau's very friendly , his color is breathtaking and he also throws some of the best marbles we have ever seen. Totally a first class boy.....thank's Gene for one of your BEST QUALITY boys.

Elitebengals California Kid

Grandson of the world famous show king I W S G C Millwood’s Dreamland Ischron, The son of R W S G C Decospots Surefire of Elitebengals. G R C Millwood French Lace, and Millwood Amulet. QGC Gogee’s Dynamo Glow.

The ” KID ” is also known as the host ” Benny” of a children’s column with the International Bengal Cat Connection.
The “KID’S ” wonderful temperment and size makes his offspring top quality. We love his deep ,penny size ,golden eyes. He’s a great listener and talker . With a very healthy line ,he produces excellent cubs, never a health issue here.


Elitebengals Sire Harry Potter

Son of R W S G C Decospots Surefire of Elitebengals. “Harry’s” pedigree is loaded with some of the best bengals such as R W S G C Jungletrax Goliath of Medoz, R W S G C BengalPalace Tsavos Last Profecy, O S CH. Millwood Italian Filigree and my personal favorite CH. Medoz Flash Dancer or GRC Millwood Freench Lace.

“Harry” is our big guy at Clarkstone….16 1/2 lbs. of pure pleasure and a crowd favorite. His GOLD GLITTER is awesome and his whitted tummy is prized and passed down to his offspring. “Harry” seems to have it all …beautiful color, large rosettes, thicked ringed tail, and his big emerald green eyes . Yes, he’s all show…..super friendly, and produces cubs that are healthy with that special look. He’s a very gentle stud and our top producer.

Clarkstone Elvis

The grandson of R W S G C Decospots Surefire of Sunnica’s, great grandfather R W S G C Behari Jack Pot Jules of Rojon and other famous bengals such as RW CH. Aspenglo Tanglefoot, RW CH. Rojon’s Maytag Girl and QRC Gogee’s Rocketeer of Wildwood.

Elvis is exceptional ! producing large litters with large ringed rosettes makes him our guy to go to when wanting all show quality cubs. His offspring are doing fabulous at the shows and have exceeded our expectations. Elvis was produced here at Clarkstone after a 5 year breeding program.

He’s also a gentle stud….big with pancake size rosettes . His golden glitter and easy way will be the first you see here at our cattery. His jungle, exotic look draws you closer and before you know it …he’s giving you a greeting…..yes, quite the talker….thank you…thank you very much…..a real lover boy. That’s why we call him the “KING”. He is now setting the standard in our bengal breeding programs.

Clarkstone ” YEA MON “

Our “MILK” seal point lynx, snow. Yea Mon’s top quality lines include’s world famous I W S G C Dreamland Ischron, R W SGC Elitebengals Tapout, R W SGC Surefire of Elitebengals, R W S G C Golden Magi Excaliber and more….my favorite is R W S G C Starbengal Rosetted Bandoleros or CH. Starbengal Banderas.

Yea Mon is doing great at the shows and makes us extremely proud every time he shows.
Yea Mon is the exceptional friendly one…..being of great size , we just can’t get enough of him……and those big blue sapphire eyes…..a real heart stopper.

Walkabout Oh Boy!

Oh Boy ! is our newest stud boy. Oh Boy ! like the rest of our hand picked stock will propel Clarkstone for the years to come.
Oh Boy ! comes from a long line of fabulous bengals such as Walkabout Solarxpress, Gogee’s Ranger, R W S G C Gogee’s Warpaint, R W S G C Calcatta’s Custom Made , R W D G C Brockenmoor of Pacific Ocean, R W S G C Dicaprio of Starbengal, and my favorite RW SGC Joycatz Ace Inda Hole of Eraser.

This special guy was part of a sixteen year breeding program by the late Melinda Larson of the Walkabout Cattery. This boy is part of her legacy and with great respect to her ….we feel honored to have him.

He’s our youngest but, shows well and of coarse …we have big plans for his breeding qualities.
His shaved velvet tight pelt is irresistible. The dark ringed rosettes ,his loving personality , gold glitter and excellent contrast will produce the best cubs available in the years to come…..and Melinda’s dreams will continue with the help here at Clarkstone Bengals…

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