BIG TEXAS WELCOME , to the Clarkstone Bengals cattery. We are located in central Texas and just minutes away from either San Antonio or Austin , at the base of the Texas hill country. It's a tropical setting along the banks of the Guadalupe river and our bengals thrive here. Much like the weather of the Asian leopard cat also known as the fishing cat or the water cat.

We specialize in healthy , exotic looking, world champion lines. Our award winning cattery is registered with the International Cat Assoc. and the International Bengal Cat Connectiona. We follow their strict code of ethics . We have maintained and earned the prestigious T.I.C.A. “OUTSTANDING CATTERY AWARD ” only a few cattery’s ever reach this goal and we are very proud to be recognized of being one of the best. This achievement proves our dedication to the wonderful bengal breed. Clarkstone Bengals strives for excellence and excepts the responsibilities’ of being a reputable breeder, always in good standings.

The bengal cat will CHANGE your life in many ways. They make a superb house or apartment pet. A playful companion that will make a significant difference in your life. A defining moment in time . Extremely smart jungle cats that can be trained to walk on a leash, do parlor tricks, or just be entertaining while watching them about the home.  Bengals are more dog like at times. They have a love for the water. They can play fetch like the great Labradors and also follow voice commands…sounds pretty good? You also will find this amazing cat to be clean, very intelligent, loving , affectionate, and curious. They use the litter box almost from birth . Bengal’s are big talkers and great listeners. They seem to understand what you are saying to them…it’s simply remarkable . You will enjoy , the several vocal patterns that they have……Destination….. Africa , these sounds in your home ….getting excited yet?

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